Mr. Bulb Stand Still: Stand Alone Smiling

charming as always... isn't? god knows.


it takes 22 years to make proud of Malaysian Football. Don't blame me, im proud to be Malaysian, but when its come to Malaysian Football, i was like... duhh... boring.. but surprisingly.. this year AFF Suzuki CUP.. I was Shouting, Cheering, with all my heart watching Malaysia score!!! Its like watching World cup or something but even GREAT!!! we not shouting for other country but this time its ours... MALAYSIA!!! hehehe!!! what a luck... i dont buy malaysia jersey before... now the price is very expensive... hahaha... damn u nike... u always know how to make money... DAMN!!! Anyway congrats to Malaysia Football team...nice nice nice...

menang menang jugak, tapi kita jangan sampai leka. i don't want this is the only Win for Malaysia. just now i was browsing youtube watching video related to Malaysian football (the video is about Soccerkid 2008). that video also show the comparison between 80's era and now. and i was attracted to these comments. it was very rational, and useful for Malaysia football industries. I'm sure the comments is given by some intellectual dude. let's see what they say:

P/S: Renung-renungkanlah dan selamat maju jaya.

Indie Fever

Budak Tepi Jalan a.k.a K.A.M.I wannabe

if im not mistaken this picture was taken & edited when im semester 3 (Diploma), 3 years back. i'm sure this picture taken by Nad Sepet at Ipoh Parade. That time, Indie trend is very strong even i got infected to it. hahaha! funny memory... but not worse as when im in high school... im fucking hip hopers man.. lucky i dont have camera on that time. if i do. i will burn every piece of photo.. hahaha!!!

The Dead Loser with Flower at his Brain

I cant sleep last night and i was very bored. i dunno what to do and i just go thru my folders and all and i found this illustration. this kind of old collection of mine. i make this illustration about 2 years back. this is the only artwork named Untitled. but now, i think i know what name suit it best.

Title: The Dead Loser with Flower at his Brain

P/S: hahaha! What a name... superb.. like it so much!

Unfinished artwork: The Sad Smiling Girl

This is fucking sad story. i dont realize my soft-copy of my new artwork is at my desktop (drive C) so i format my PC without any doubt feeling. but suddenly i check my folder, i check the entire PC, the file is gone. now i cannot finish up my artwork since its all flatten with this jpeg file.

i not yet detail her hair, head decoration and the headphone. and also i want to change the colour too but it is too late now.

Actually this is just an experimentation or practice since i never do digital painting (realism) with PC tablet pen. its kind of potong stim when this thing happend. i have to start all over again. i know i still can finish it up but it no fun to continue while this emotion unstable (this is just an excuse!!!) hahaha.... please take a look at my sad digital painting.

FYI: i give up on this painting bcoz i want her to look cute, but she's not :(
FYI: i usually draw an horror, scary looking person. when i want to draw something cute, i failed
FYI: believe it or not i use Paint tool Sai to create the realistic looking brush stroke.. cool isn't for small size computer painting tool software :)

1 Station Convenience Shop

I was enjoy doing this job. its easy to deal with the client, no late payment, and i comfortable working with them. thanks to Aswad (jern) who entrusted me for his company's corporate design. Also thanks to Mr. Rohim (Aswad's father) for being so nice while working on this project.

1 station is a new born company. it got 3 operation shop in Kepala Batas (Penang), Juru (Penang), and theres a rumors that they will open thier new branch somewhere in southern peninsular Malaysia. Their Head Quarter is in Kepala Batas (penang). this newborn convenience shop company have a huge opportunity to go further. This is thier logo that i made for them:)

the yellow at the background has nothing to do with their corporate identity**

Actually the main idea for the logo is from trolley figure. but after negotiation and all, the client want it to be simple with a little bit of decoration. this are the logo propose and the 1st logo i propose to them:

This is the first logo i propose. the '1' figure is an simply shape of trolley but i don't want to put the wheel shape because it will make the logo looks heavy and unstable. at first the client agree with this logo but soon after the meeting with other workers, they want to change the colors. i propose another design for them:

This time i propose with the signage design with 3 different design. after they seen it, they choose the middle design at the signage propose above and want it different color which has orange, red, and green color in their logo. after hearing that, i propose another logo which came out as the final design. also include the logo option for the horizontal solution and portrait solution.

This is 1 station corporate logo and signage. mai singgah naaa? hahaha macam2 ada!

P/s: i heard that they searching for new worker right now. if you want it, go get it..

Rejected/ Canceled/ Un-used

these 3 words always make the designer feel down, no mood, unease, or feel fucked up. when this thing happens to me, i was like.... shit... lets get into the topic, for designers, we have to create several of design at the time for the client to choose which is best for them. the client have only to pick 1 while the other design will be rejected. the worse case scenario is the project is canceled. for a beginner freelancer like me, for this year i got canceled-project twice!!! (twice is a small number for u guys i noe but it is a big number for me since i rarely got project for this year). next is unused, sometime if i free, i always sketching,draw, and do some artworks for fun. some of the design will be use for work and some of them will be left behind. hahaha.

as for today i would like to share to you all my sad design. enjoy

this also been canceled. what a sad little dragon :( this logo is made for kl dragon's fan club web site.

the web should look like this

if the web site is exist rite now, it should look like this in its home page

at last, made it as my wallpaper... hahaha

this is the canceled project. the inspiration from this logo is from my NBA cap.

if this project never got canceled, i wore this cap for my entire life. haha

FRT shirt new look. but will never look this :(

so what do we do with the rejected/ canceled/ un-used design? well, some of designers reuse the concept. this is not the bad thing. the design will not be the second-hand design because it is the reuse concept. some of the design is good but it is not enough to attract the client, but it will for other client. me? of course i reuse my design. i got a bunch of design collection in my desktop ready to reuse. hahaha... i also make it as y reference for future project.

Where the idea come from?

well, this is actually a simple question. Idea is everywhere. our surrounding is the most inspiring idea for example nature, animal, people etc. the challenging part is to bring the surrounding subject and convert it to an interesting art. this concept is not only for visual art, but also include all the art form ever exist (performing art, music, and even martial art for god sake...)for this post, lets focus on simple vector art.

How to create a cool design by just observing our surrounding.

the answer is simple (according to my stlye):-

  1. First you have to combine it with other material. for example you got an idea from rose and you start to develop your idea from it. why not you combine the idea with its characteristic. for example you see rose as the love symbol. from there u will get the idea to develop the design into the heart-shape-rose.
  2. 2nd is to use the art principal and element. you have to know which principal and element of design is suitable to make the design interesting. The key word for this step is the knowledge of art. to make a design with high value, you have to get serious and read about the principal and element.
  3. the last part is using our experience. what have u seen, what have u done, what have u wear, what have u watch and what have u eat is the kind of experience that im talking about. this really help you to create an interesting composition and color combination for your design.
this is what i do when i creating a design. im not saying that my design is super cool. but im sure that with my method above, it will help the new designer to overcome the creative-block syndrome.

i got some not-so-good idea development. this is for school level actually. hahaha. ok ok.. dor idea development, 1st you must have your subject matter. for example bellow i use rose as my subject matter. and from there i start to sketch my idea.

Q: Why must i sketch the whole damn idea from my brain while you can just develop it with your brain?
A: sketching is like an documentation. u sketch your idea that's mean you transfer the idea from brain to paper and you can see with your own eyes whether the idea is really cool or not. on the other hands, with sketching process you can improve your design from one to another by doing corrections, adding detail and whatsoever. for example from the picture above, you keep sketching and sketching until you really satisfy.

(1 rule for sketching process is don"t use eraser. this is the biggest distraction, time wasting and waste of energy.)

After u satisfied with your design, add the color. (this is still in sketches process, so put as many color combination as you like.

This is the simple example

Choose one of the best color as your final design. use your own rationale to choose your final artwork. as a designer, you should have the ability to assess the design, including your own design.

from the sketches, i choose this as the final design. emmm... what a wasted if you produce a cool design but end up as useless collection. why not to put it on sale? let's put it on shirt sall we?

here there are... nice huhh? hehehe....

fyi: this progress work flow is made for my friends.

P/s: design something that satisfied yourself. from that you will satisfied others. if ur design that u satisfied unable to satisfied other, u not an designer.

reference: from what i've learn/from what i've conclude/from what i've observe

The Beginning (promo for Jersey Futsal)

Blue is cool

This is Bertamianz... my hometown local club... is like a gang actually... i made this logo (actually i re-use it from my previous un-use logo... this kind of cool, trendy, ganas design... inspired by Nike Malaysia... n stylize from dragon figure... so? what say u?

Calling For Duty

Design solution

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Labamba Internet Cafe: The Long Journey Project


Labamba Internet center is now open. this shop is located at Permatang Sintok Pulau Pinang which has the potential to make the competitors (internet cafe near Pmtg Sintok) crying. Labamba's owner (Jamal) offer the job to make his Internet Cafe look cool inside out n also the advertisement. i accept it without hesitation.

Labamba's Owner: buat kedai aku bagi lawa!
Me: ok... aku ingat nak buat logo, name card, signboard, wallpaper (PC), colour theme (interior wall), posters, stickers.
Labamba's Owner: errr... apa hang cakap?... janji smart dah la...

And so i start my work while busy studying for my final... who cares bout final exam. this job is real education isn'it?

The Labamba's Owner agreed to choose this logo as his corporate Logo.

About the logo:

The concept for this logo is minimalist which is simple bold typeface has been used in this logo. i use italic effect for the typeface to arouse the movement effect. furthermore i put some simple triangle as decorative composition which function as one point perspective to make the logo look pop-out (movement from back to front). The color from this logo is based on the client request.


Q:why this logo doesnt look like internet-ish or cyber-ish? this is internet cafe isn't?

A: well, if you see a dog with a tag written "Pig"... does the dog is pig? hahaha... is not good to aswer the question with question... ok.. for me... this is Internet Cafe... if i put an earoplane figure as symbol as the signboard, its still internet cafe isn't? Logo is the thing that reperesent your company. not necessarily you have to make it as symbol to tell the audience what the company do. For some reason we have to think about suitability to the company.

This is Logo In Progress:

1st logo Propose:

Actually this is the base idea. the colour, tag line and the typeface.. just simple line no curve at all...

2nd Logo Propose:

I've watching 3d movie in cinema so i could use the idea from there... it was nice but not good enough...

3rd Logo Propose:

Suddently i got call from the client to put a maskot on top of the logo... so i got an idea different idea on typeface composition and create the cute red dragon as the maskot.. as the decoration, i put fire amber behid the dragon... but the client hate fire amber... he ask me to change it to lightning bolt.

$th Logo Propose:

So, The logo look like this but from time to time, the client felt insecure with this logo.. he said people may see his shop as negative influence since his shop located at the village and culture there is abit old-fashioned.

5th logo propose:

This is the 5th logo i create it... for the moment the client agreed to choose this since i remove the dragon and all... but suddently he change his mind... until now i dont know the reason.. haha...

After all the mess with logo, other item was easily approve... here there are..


Wallpaper (PC)

Wallpaper (print screened)


Bunting Outdoor n Indoor

That's All folk...thank you for coming...