these 3 words always make the designer feel down, no mood, unease, or feel fucked up. when this thing happens to me, i was like.... shit... lets get into the topic, for designers, we have to create several of design at the time for the client to choose which is best for them. the client have only to pick 1 while the other design will be rejected. the worse case scenario is the project is canceled. for a beginner freelancer like me, for this year i got canceled-project twice!!! (twice is a small number for u guys i noe but it is a big number for me since i rarely got project for this year). next is unused, sometime if i free, i always sketching,draw, and do some artworks for fun. some of the design will be use for work and some of them will be left behind. hahaha.

as for today i would like to share to you all my sad design. enjoy

this also been canceled. what a sad little dragon :( this logo is made for kl dragon's fan club web site.

the web should look like this

if the web site is exist rite now, it should look like this in its home page

at last, made it as my wallpaper... hahaha

this is the canceled project. the inspiration from this logo is from my NBA cap.

if this project never got canceled, i wore this cap for my entire life. haha

FRT shirt new look. but will never look this :(

so what do we do with the rejected/ canceled/ un-used design? well, some of designers reuse the concept. this is not the bad thing. the design will not be the second-hand design because it is the reuse concept. some of the design is good but it is not enough to attract the client, but it will for other client. me? of course i reuse my design. i got a bunch of design collection in my desktop ready to reuse. hahaha... i also make it as y reference for future project.