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She Make Me Smile When She Smile

Photo Of The Day: Heart & Soul

Talent: Puteri Nurul Fatehah
Photo/Edit: Topet Hidayat

Editing Method:
Colour Balance, Brightness and Contrast, Shadow Highlight, Dodge/Burn, High Pass (Filter) and Layer Blending Mode and Manual Coloring by mouse

Experimentation Process took around 2 Hours to be completed. This is my first time rendering this type of photo (colorful and cheerful concept)

P/S: Tq for the scarf ek yyg!

Uncyclopedia: Topet Hidayat

There was this man, unknown to the graphic field just yet. With the height of 147cm and a stupendous weight of 65kg, he vast to the world with his solo trademark, his super natural curly hair hidden under his cap. He a very humorous guy with very bad sleeping timing, but yet, he’s going to be the man in the graphic department. The chubby guy here is considered a happy-go-lucky man, always smiling and goofing around. Never be too embarrassed to wave a hello to him. He has this really thick Penang accent and can’t really pronounce the letter ‘R’ very much. He may seem rough on the edges but he doesn’t do critical damages anywhere. Considering the good things happening around him, he have the worst timing. Late nights and waking up in the afternoon. Sometimes, sleeping in the morning, like 10am and went on sleeping until 6pm. He is always “on-the-way”, but rarely on time. The only thing he’ll be on time is the time when he’s hungry. Speaking of hunger, he also has this huge manly appetite. He’s always hungry and every time he finishes eating, within the next few hours, don’t be surprised if he claims to be hungry again. A very healthy young man indeed. It is safe to say that, the only time he forgets about food is when he is concentrating on work, got a new idea and having a full throttle battle game with his friends. This mysterious cap guy, maybe a nobody now, but, he is actually a mutant man in disguise in the graphic field. He can catch images of almost everything in the flash of light and he can draw in the speed of thunder. But very little know who he really is, unknown of his incredibility to the world of graphic design. At the end of the day, this man which been known as TOPET (Mohamad Taufik Hidayat), which came from the combination word of Greek and Kedah Tua. The word TO is a shorter form of Taufik and the word PET is an ancient Greek word for POT-PET. In anyways, this TOPET guy is me. Thank you.

Written by: Puteri Nurul Fatehah
Thank you and I love you.

TAK MAHU : KehilanganMu

tamo tamo... tamo... janji tak wat lagi... tamo kena pancung.... :(

TQ for everything. i love u so much...

Mr. Bulb Stand Still: Stand Alone Smiling

charming as always... isn't? god knows.


it takes 22 years to make proud of Malaysian Football. Don't blame me, im proud to be Malaysian, but when its come to Malaysian Football, i was like... duhh... boring.. but surprisingly.. this year AFF Suzuki CUP.. I was Shouting, Cheering, with all my heart watching Malaysia score!!! Its like watching World cup or something but even GREAT!!! we not shouting for other country but this time its ours... MALAYSIA!!! hehehe!!! what a luck... i dont buy malaysia jersey before... now the price is very expensive... hahaha... damn u nike... u always know how to make money... DAMN!!! Anyway congrats to Malaysia Football team...nice nice nice...

menang menang jugak, tapi kita jangan sampai leka. i don't want this is the only Win for Malaysia. just now i was browsing youtube watching video related to Malaysian football (the video is about Soccerkid 2008). that video also show the comparison between 80's era and now. and i was attracted to these comments. it was very rational, and useful for Malaysia football industries. I'm sure the comments is given by some intellectual dude. let's see what they say:

P/S: Renung-renungkanlah dan selamat maju jaya.

Indie Fever

Budak Tepi Jalan a.k.a K.A.M.I wannabe

if im not mistaken this picture was taken & edited when im semester 3 (Diploma), 3 years back. i'm sure this picture taken by Nad Sepet at Ipoh Parade. That time, Indie trend is very strong even i got infected to it. hahaha! funny memory... but not worse as when im in high school... im fucking hip hopers man.. lucky i dont have camera on that time. if i do. i will burn every piece of photo.. hahaha!!!