I was enjoy doing this job. its easy to deal with the client, no late payment, and i comfortable working with them. thanks to Aswad (jern) who entrusted me for his company's corporate design. Also thanks to Mr. Rohim (Aswad's father) for being so nice while working on this project.

1 station is a new born company. it got 3 operation shop in Kepala Batas (Penang), Juru (Penang), and theres a rumors that they will open thier new branch somewhere in southern peninsular Malaysia. Their Head Quarter is in Kepala Batas (penang). this newborn convenience shop company have a huge opportunity to go further. This is thier logo that i made for them:)

the yellow at the background has nothing to do with their corporate identity**

Actually the main idea for the logo is from trolley figure. but after negotiation and all, the client want it to be simple with a little bit of decoration. this are the logo propose and the 1st logo i propose to them:

This is the first logo i propose. the '1' figure is an simply shape of trolley but i don't want to put the wheel shape because it will make the logo looks heavy and unstable. at first the client agree with this logo but soon after the meeting with other workers, they want to change the colors. i propose another design for them:

This time i propose with the signage design with 3 different design. after they seen it, they choose the middle design at the signage propose above and want it different color which has orange, red, and green color in their logo. after hearing that, i propose another logo which came out as the final design. also include the logo option for the horizontal solution and portrait solution.

This is 1 station corporate logo and signage. mai singgah naaa? hahaha macam2 ada!

P/s: i heard that they searching for new worker right now. if you want it, go get it..