This is fucking sad story. i dont realize my soft-copy of my new artwork is at my desktop (drive C) so i format my PC without any doubt feeling. but suddenly i check my folder, i check the entire PC, the file is gone. now i cannot finish up my artwork since its all flatten with this jpeg file.

i not yet detail her hair, head decoration and the headphone. and also i want to change the colour too but it is too late now.

Actually this is just an experimentation or practice since i never do digital painting (realism) with PC tablet pen. its kind of potong stim when this thing happend. i have to start all over again. i know i still can finish it up but it no fun to continue while this emotion unstable (this is just an excuse!!!) hahaha.... please take a look at my sad digital painting.

FYI: i give up on this painting bcoz i want her to look cute, but she's not :(
FYI: i usually draw an horror, scary looking person. when i want to draw something cute, i failed
FYI: believe it or not i use Paint tool Sai to create the realistic looking brush stroke.. cool isn't for small size computer painting tool software :)