Labamba Internet center is now open. this shop is located at Permatang Sintok Pulau Pinang which has the potential to make the competitors (internet cafe near Pmtg Sintok) crying. Labamba's owner (Jamal) offer the job to make his Internet Cafe look cool inside out n also the advertisement. i accept it without hesitation.

Labamba's Owner: buat kedai aku bagi lawa!
Me: ok... aku ingat nak buat logo, name card, signboard, wallpaper (PC), colour theme (interior wall), posters, stickers.
Labamba's Owner: errr... apa hang cakap?... janji smart dah la...

And so i start my work while busy studying for my final... who cares bout final exam. this job is real education isn'it?

The Labamba's Owner agreed to choose this logo as his corporate Logo.

About the logo:

The concept for this logo is minimalist which is simple bold typeface has been used in this logo. i use italic effect for the typeface to arouse the movement effect. furthermore i put some simple triangle as decorative composition which function as one point perspective to make the logo look pop-out (movement from back to front). The color from this logo is based on the client request.


Q:why this logo doesnt look like internet-ish or cyber-ish? this is internet cafe isn't?

A: well, if you see a dog with a tag written "Pig"... does the dog is pig? hahaha... is not good to aswer the question with question... ok.. for me... this is Internet Cafe... if i put an earoplane figure as symbol as the signboard, its still internet cafe isn't? Logo is the thing that reperesent your company. not necessarily you have to make it as symbol to tell the audience what the company do. For some reason we have to think about suitability to the company.

This is Logo In Progress:

1st logo Propose:

Actually this is the base idea. the colour, tag line and the typeface.. just simple line no curve at all...

2nd Logo Propose:

I've watching 3d movie in cinema so i could use the idea from there... it was nice but not good enough...

3rd Logo Propose:

Suddently i got call from the client to put a maskot on top of the logo... so i got an idea different idea on typeface composition and create the cute red dragon as the maskot.. as the decoration, i put fire amber behid the dragon... but the client hate fire amber... he ask me to change it to lightning bolt.

$th Logo Propose:

So, The logo look like this but from time to time, the client felt insecure with this logo.. he said people may see his shop as negative influence since his shop located at the village and culture there is abit old-fashioned.

5th logo propose:

This is the 5th logo i create it... for the moment the client agreed to choose this since i remove the dragon and all... but suddently he change his mind... until now i dont know the reason.. haha...

After all the mess with logo, other item was easily approve... here there are..


Wallpaper (PC)

Wallpaper (print screened)


Bunting Outdoor n Indoor

That's All folk...thank you for coming...